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Zimbabwe has a population of 13.2 million people and geographically covers 391,000 square Kilometres (of which 4,000 sq. Km is covered by water). 61% of the population live in rural areas. As of 2013, approximately 70% of the population and 40% of the land area are covered by at least one of the 3 (Econet, Telecel and Net-One) licensed mobile network operators, and by 2015 this is projected to increase to 80% population and 50% land area coverage. This means that by 2015 there will still be nearly 200,000 sq. Km of land area and more than 2.5 million citizens of Zimbabwe outside the reach of essential telecommunications services. According to studies by The World Bank, 13% of the population can’t be served economically by mobile network service, but this figure is reduced significantly due to AMN’s innovative low-cost solution which allows very small populations to be viable at the same times as maximizing the coverage area of a single cell and the population served.

AMN is investing $23 million to build 200 mobile network base stations in Zimbabwe. Each of these will be connected to one of the licensed operators. The AMN network will serve a total population of 1.3 million people (10% of the population), with an average of 6,500 people served by each base station and generating an estimated 600,000 new mobile subscribers worth circa $22 million per year in gross airtime revenues.