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AMN and Facebook Lead OpenCellular BTS Development

February 28, 2017. Barcelona (Mobile World Congress).  Facebook and AMN have released updates on progress on the OpenCellular project. AMN and Facebook are jointly leading the " Deployment and Application" track of the OpenCellular project, responsible for deployments in the field, generation of application requirements, testing and feedback on performance.

The ambitious goals of the OpenCellular project, a part of the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), is to create a sub-$1,000 BTS with ultra-high performance and very-low power consumption, suitable for rural developments, and to facilitate the connection of millions more of the world's unconnected, offering world-class voice, SMS and data services to all. The first iteration of the OC BTS is designed to be 2.75G - supporting voice, data and EDGE packet data up to 384Kbps - but with the medium- to long-term goal of delivering 100Mbps data services ubiquitously throught the world with no divide between the big cities and small rural villages.

The TIP updates on the OpenCellular BTS can be read here.