AMN Finalises Financing for Benin Network

Cotonou, July 31, 2014 - AMN is pleased to announce that it has finalised the finance structure for the construction of up to 200 mobile network base stations throughout Benin.

The financing for AMN's Benin subsidiary, Africa Mobile Networks Benin S.A.R.L. includes a senior $15 million long-term debt facility from a major international bank together with equity funding from AMN's parent company Africa Mobile Networks Ltd.

The 200 base stations will be constructed over a 2-year period from Q4 of 2014 to Q4 of 2016. The base stations are located in rural towns and villages in Benin with no existing coverage. Each of AMN's base stations is connected to one of the licensed mobile network operators in Benin. The base stations are connected to the data centres in Cotonou via a high-performance satellite link. The base stations are powered by a solar-based electrical power system which requires no local grid power or diesel generators. The AMN base stations offer high performance combined with very high reliability and availability. 

The base stations will be constructed by AMN's prime contractor, Leadcom (a subsidiary of LCC of the United States) using communications equipment supplied by Gilat Satellite Networks (NASDAQ: GILT) and Vihaan Networks Ltd of India. The VSAT teleport services are supplied by Gilat Satcom. AMN's local partner, LYZ Digital, supplies local field maintenance services in Benin, together with site acquisition services.

AMN commissioned its first base station in Benin in January 2014.

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