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AMN Distributes Branded Phones and Personal Chargers in Rural Benin

AMN has taken another important step forward to realise its vision of bringing affordable communications for everyone in sub-Saharan Africa with the introduction of low-cost mobile phones and also personal solar chargers.

AMN is building 5,000 mobile base stations in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa over the next 5 years, at a total cost of more than $500 million. The base stations typically serve communities which previously had no existing mobile service despite having sizeable populations. AMN works will local licensed operators to deliver the mobile communications services to the rural populations.

The base stations deliver strong traffic levels, despite the challenges of low levels of income and also often a lack of access to grid electricity, which makes charging phones both inconvenient and relatively expensive - AMN estimates that a typical rural subscriber spends around $5 per month on airtime, and as much as $2-3 per month on charging the phone. Furthermore, even the lowest-cost feature phones are prohibitively expensive for many of the rural village dwellers.

AMN has, as of May 2014, launched low-cost products designed to help the rural subscribers get quicker access to the mobile phone service, and also allow subscribers to charge phones at no cost - using the same completely sustainable and totally free power source which provides the energy to run the base station, namely the hot African sun.

The AMNP1 low-cost feature phone includes many functions which are of use in the communities served by AMN, including a flashlight and FM radio. The 1000mAh battery is capable of powering the phone continuously for 2-3 days between charges. The AMNP1 also supports the highly-advanced "AMR-HR" half-rate codec which delivers exceptional voice quality very efficiently over the satellite links that AMN uses to connect the rural base stations to its teleport in Cotonou, which serves all of West and Central Africa.

The AMNC1 low-cost charger features a large-area solar panel and high-capacity (2600mAh) internal battery, which can be fully charged during the day and then has the capacity to charge up to 3 of the AMNP1 phones.

AMN's Low-Cost Branded Feature Phone - The AMNP1

The Personal Solar Phone Charger

The AMN Charger and AMNP1 Phone

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