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AMN Upgrades Base Station in Benin

AMN has performed major upgrades at a base station in Benin which have successfully demonstrated its capability to optimise coverage from a single tower.

The original omni-directional antennas at the base station have been replaced by multiple high- and low-gain directional antennas. AMN has proved that it can deliver good signal strength (equivalent to 2-3 bars) to towns up to 11Km from the tower. By optimising the RF (Radio Frequency) of each base station, AMN can maximise population coverage and minimise capex investment.

AMN has also successfully trialed a sophisticated CCTV system which enables live images to be monitored and stored at the GNOC (Global Network Operations Centre) without increasing peak bandwidth requirements of the the network.

New Antenna Configuration With High/Low-Gain Directional Antennas

CCTV Images From A Base Station, Captured At The GNOC