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AMN's Global Network Operational Centre (GNOC) Is Operational

AMN has completed the construction of its 24x7 Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) which is located in the city of Milton Keynes in the UK, just north of London.

From the GNOC, AMN monitors its networks across multiple African countries. The GNOC is responsible for network management, monitoring and optimisation. Anomalies in traffic patterns or component failures are automatically detected at the GNOC, from where detailed analysis and diagnostics are performed. The GNOC team works directly with field technical support teams in country to schedule maintenance visits where required.

The significant investments made by AMN in the GNOC facility are intended to ensure the highest possible performance of AMN's networks across the African continent.

The GNOC Building in Milton Keynes, UK

Images From The GNOC Interior

Images From The GNOC Interior