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AMN Breaks Grounds at Construction of First Base Station in Northern Benin

Dec 7, 2013, Cotonou, Benin.

Construction has started at the site of the first mobile network base station built by AMN in the northern region of Benin. The base station will serve 4 adjacent communities with a combined population of approximately 6,000 people who currently live without any fixed line or mobile telephony of any kind.

AMN's prime contractor, Leadcom, will complete the civil works and erection of a 45-metre tower together with installation of the solar-based Electrical Power System. The BTS and VSAT communications equipment will be installed and commissioned in December. The base station, deep in rural Benin and some 750Km north of Cotonou, is connected directly via the satellite link to the AMN Teleport in Cotonou and from there via a direct microwave radio link to the operator's switching network.

The scheduled date for the base station to enter commercial service is early January 2014.


The base station site, northern Benin

Preparing the foundations for the tower

Tower foundation


The base of the 45-metre tower


The 45-metre tower, assembled and painted

The mount for the solar panels

Top of the tower with GSM equipment mounts


The tower, with guys

BSC Integration in MNO Data Centre