Our Technology


The AMN implementation is highly optimised for rural applications, with the following features:
  • 2.75G BTS which supports GSM voice, SMS and GPRS/EDGE packet data service (upgradeable to 2G, 3G etc.)
  • BTS (capacity 1TRX to 6TRX) for minimum power consumption and cost
  • Photo-voltaic ("solar") power system, for sustainable energy with low maintenance and high reliability (no requirement for grid or diesel power)
  • Satellite ("VSAT") communication link, for unrestricted connectivity to core network from any location

AMN has multiple site configuration options to optimise the population coverage with minimum capex:
  • Large: 30+ metre tower and +37dBm/TX and 2TRX (expandable to 6TRX) with range of up to 10Km and typically 150 square metres of coverage, for total populations covered of 4,000 to 8,000 people
  • Medium: 12 metre mast with +37dBm/TX and 2TRX (expandable to 4TRX) with range of up to 5Km and typically 30 square kilometres, to serve populations of 1,500 to 6,000 people
  • Small: 6 metre mast with +23dBm/TX and 1TRX (expandable to 2TRX) with range of up to 1.5Km and typically 5 square kilometres, to serve populations of 500 to 4,000 people
AMN's small-village solution is a rapid-deploy system which can be installed in less than 6 hours and, with just 7 teams, allows up to 1,000 small sites to be deployed per year.