About Us

Africa Mobile Networks ("AMN") is a group of companies organised with its corporate head office in the UK and subsidiary operating companies in several sub-Saharan African countries. Africa Mobile Networks Ltd is a UK-registered company (registration number 08531564) with 100% ownership and control of each of the local operating companies ("OpCos").

The AMN parent company is responsible for the overall management of the Group. It is responsible for identifying and developing the opportunities in each individual country, preparing business plans, engaging with customers (the licensed mobile network Operators) and subcontractors, raising funding for the network build, set up of the local operating company and appointment of key management and technical staff, centralised procurement/logistics management and on-going management of the business. The head office is responsible for managing the technology and maintaining latest design documentation and bill of materials. The head office also houses the GNOC (Global Network Operations Centre) and the Network Planning teams which support the AMN OpCos across the African continent.

The AMN operating companies are responsible for execution of the country business plan, managing the contracts with customers and suppliers, project management and the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the network. All of AMN's revenue is generated in Africa and the vast majority of AMN's employees are African and based in Africa. AMN employs no expats and all positions, from Country Managers to maintenance engineers to admin staff, are held by local nationals.

AMN has a strong management team and independent supervisory board of directors. AMN is privately owned with 18 different shareholders, comprising the founders, angel investors, a VC fund and one strategic investor. AMN's employees collectively hold options representing nearly 20% ownership of the Company.

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