Many African countries have good mobile network coverage in the towns and cities, but in not the rural areas - and the population coverage falls well short of the maximum that is economically viable. This is due to limitations on the availability of affordable capital, with Operators forced to prioritise their precious capex on technology upgrades and coverage improvements in the high-population-density cities, rather than invest in expanding coverage into the rural areas. AMN offers Operators across Africa a simple and compelling solution - expanded coverage, more subscribers, increased revenues, guaranteed positive margins and no capex.

Africa currently has 170,000 towers - and needs at least 60,000 more. AMN plans to build approximately 5,000 towers over the next 3 years.

AMN finances, builds and operates mobile base stations in rural areas, connected to the Operator's network and offering voice and data service to the Operator's subscribers. AMN offers the Operators incremental revenues with proportional opex for guaranteed gross margins and EBITDA. The Operator has no capex and little or no risk.

The AMN solution uses highly-innovative technology to achieve an outstanding user experience and minimise costs, thereby maximising profitability for the Operator.

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